Pro Choice rally against fundamentalist anti-abortionists

On Friday the 25th of January 2019, fundamentalist anti-abortionists – as usual – will walk through Munich. So far, they always stood in front of the information centre profamilia (Türkenstr. 103) to terrorize them. This time, though, we are standing there, starting at 11 o’clock, to proclaim our positions. We want a safe and simple access to pregnancy terminations and we want a society in which nobody gets pregnant against their will. With our rally, we want to encourage people and to break with the taboo of speaking about abortions. Furthermore we stand up against fundamentalist anti-abortionists who pester and terrorize unvolontariliy pregnant people in front of information centres and abortion clinics.

Come around, discover our table with informative material, drink tea with us and let’s chat a little bit. And when the anti-abortionists come around, let’s be so loud that God cannot hear their prayers.

We meet at 11 o’clock in front of Türkenstr. 103.

People who are eager to escort the fundamentalists during their prayer march through Munich can come to the St Paul’s Church (St. Pauls-Platz) at 10 o’clock.

Information in short

Friday, 25th of January 2019

Beginning of the prayer march of the fundamentalist anti-abortionists at St Paul’s Church (St. Paulsplatz)

Pro-Choice-Rally with Information material in front of Türkenstr. 103

Against the antifeminist, homophobic and transphobic agitation of the “Demo für alle”

Under the slogan “Stop molesting sex education – sex education is the right of the parents” the so called “Demo für Alle” (Demonstration for all people) together with the so called “Citizen Go” is once again touring Germany by means of the so called “bus of freedom of speech”. On September 15 the antifeminist, homophobic and transphobic agitators would like to stop at the Karl-Stützel-Platz in Munich.

We are calling for action against the spreading of this heternormative, antifeminist, homophobic and transphobic propaganda! Therefore, come to Karl-Stützle Platz at 1 pm and perturb this event!

“Demo für Alle”: A melting pot of right-wing antifeminists

The “Demo für Alle” was established in the beginning of 2014 in the course of protests against the Baden-Wuerttemberg “Bildungsplan 2015” (“curriculum 2015) in Stuttgart. Back then, many fundamentalist Christians as well as people from the far-right mobilized against a school curriculum which, for the first time ever, was about to convey various types of families and gender identities. It was the aim of the curriculum to break with the formerly conveyed heteronormative, transphobic and conservative depiction of families and gender identities as well as to consider different ways of living in order to gain acceptance for these.

For the agitators of what is today known as the “Demo für Alle” this was a scandal. For them, by the sheer naming of other ways of familiy life, the “classical marriage”1 was “devalued” and their Christian values became “violated” by it. Furthermore, they criticized a supposed “early sexualization” and an “unsettledness”2 of children. Already back then these protests, soon known under the name of “Demo für Alle”, were supported by the AfD-politician Beatrix von Storch and the “Christians in the AfD”. Known queer-bashing publicists like Birgit Kelle or Gabriele Kuby were supporters of the “Demo für Alle”, too. The New Right “identitarian movement” and members of other far-right organisations, like the NPD (National Democratic Party of Germany) took part in the demonstrations as well.

Then as now the “Demo für Alle” unites numerous far-right actors and therefore serves as a melting pot for right, antifeminist organizations. In Baden-Wuerttemberg they were indeed successful in influencing the “Bildungsplan 2015”. After a meeting of members of the “Demo für Alle” and prime minister Kretschmann the passing of the “Bildungplan 2015” was not only postponed but changed in accordance with the wishes of the “Demo für alle”.

How much influence the “Demo für alle” actually exerts could be noticed 2016 in Bavaria. Even though no demonstrations against the planed sex-education guidelines were taking place – though these were announced numerous times- Bavarian secretary of eduation and cultural affairs Ludwig Spanle (CSU) received a delegation of the “Demo für Alle” (among them Birgit Kelle and Hedwig von Beverforde) and thereupon changed the “Richtlinien zur Familien- und Sexualerziehung an Schulen” (guidelines for family- and sex education in schools”) again in accordance with the wishes of the “Demo für alle”, even though these guidelines had been approved cross-partily before.

The conservative depiction of families by the “Demo Für Alle”

The actors of the “Demo für Alle” still promote a conservative depiction of families and stir up hatred on everyone whose reality of life and/or gender identity deviates from that, especially on homosexuals, transpersons and the queer-community in general.

In 2017 the “Demo für Alle” has already toured Germany by bus. Back then their slogan was “marriage has to stay marriage”. Their aim: The prevention of the passing of a law called “Gesetz zur Einführung des Rechts auf Eheschließung für Personen gleichen Geschlechts” (“law for the introduction of the right to marry persons of the same sex”) which enabled same-sex and homosexual couples to marry, which was previously only legal for hetereosexual couples. By the means of a leaflet of the “Demo für Alle”, which was wide spread back then, their actors not only demand that “marriage should stay a life-long alliance between man and woman in order to love each other, to start a family and to raise children”, but they furthermore fabulate about a “right of the child to be raised by mother and father” and demand that this “right” should be observed “even in the case of adoption”.

For the “Demo für Alle” the conservative “father-mother-child” family constellation is seen as the natural type of family. Questioning this “natural type of a family” or the notion of “natural sexes” (whatever this might be, the “Demo für Alle” does not answer this) they call “indoctrination”. But that is not all: According to their self-concept the “Demo für Alle” opposes the “pervasive attempts of re-education by well-organizied lobby groups and ideologists”. This far-right narrative sounds very much like some conspiracy ideology.

Antifeminist, homophobic and transphobic positions as part of the far-right mobilization

For sure it is not a coincidence that the “Demo für Alle” appeals to and is made up of far-right actors. In the far-right ideology “marriage” as defined by the “Demo für Alle” has always played a big part. During National Socialism “marriage” was glorified as the “germ cell of the German nation”. In a leaflet named “Dump the opening of marriage – Bavaria ahead”, published after the passing of the bill “Gesetz zur Einführung des Rechts auf Eheschließung für Personen gleichen Geschlechts” (“law for the introduction of the right to marry persons of the same sex”), a very similar idea of marriage is sketched: “Marriage concerns the pillars of our society and our culture”.

The homophobic positions of the “Demo für Alle” bear close and scaring resemblance to the National Socialist ideology leading to the prosecution and killing of ten of thousands of men: During National Socialism the reasons stated for the tightening of § 175, which sanctions homosexuality, were to “keep the nation healthy in moral terms”. Today, the “Demo für Alle” objects the conveyance of homosexual ways of lives in schools among others on the grounds that this information would violate the sense of shame and would be perceived as molesting by children. The conspiracist inventions of the “Demo für Alle” about “re-education by looby groups” are similar to the views of National Socialists who believed that homosexuality had “an inclination to an epidemic spreading”. Not least, the argument that homosexuality must actually be viewed as a medical condition which is held in wide sections of the “Demo for Alle” agitators, is reminiscent of the attempts of National Socialists to “re-educate” homosexuals.

However, the worldview of the “Demo für Alle” not only bears close resemblance to historic National Socialism. Rather, it matches the worldviews of far-right parties like the ones of the CSU or AfD. Thus, in their policy statements both the CSU as well as the AfD reject a so called “gender ideology / gender mainstreaming” and a supposed “early sexualisation” of children. These are the same far-right terms used by the “Demo für Alle” as well. This is hardly surprising as today antifeminist, transphobic and homophobic positions along with racism play a prominent role in the mobilization of the masses. For centuries now attacks from Nazis and other far-right people on both homosexuals and supposed homosexuals as well as on transpersons have been part of a sad daily routine in Germany. On an ideological level there always has been an agitation against homosexuals and transpersons. However, by the founding of the “Demo für Alle” these agitations saw a boost: Up to today this union of people from both the far-right and ultraconservative religious fundamentalists has been able to pick up and to channel conservative beliefs about gender roles as well as prejudices against homosexuals and transpersons which are deeply rooted in our society.

Hostility against certain groups of people is no argument!

In a leaflet used to advertise their bus tour, the “Demo für Alle” complains that they “have to take into account massive hecklings by left-wing extremists” and that therefore their right of free speech is cut back by this.

We do not want to temper these expectations of the Demo für Alle because we believe that there is no freedom of speech for people spreading hostility against certain other groups of people as the “Demo für Alle” does. Therefore, we call on everybody to disturb the spreading of this agitation and to be present against the actors of the “Demo für Alle” on September 15, from 1 pm on, on Karl-Stützle-Platz in Munich.

Free Max! Free all Prisoners!

We are documenting the text, some anarchists published on the German speaking Indymedia after they have dropped a banner against prisons:

In the context of the global week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners we have dropped a banner today close to the “women’s” prison and the prison Stadelheim in Munich, reading “Freedom for all prisoners. Abolish prisons. Free Max”.

Prisons are used by the state to both punish dissentient behavior – otherwise called crime- and at the same time to make an scaring example. In contrast to the common belief that the public needs to be sheltered from the prison inmates, in reality the majority of these is inprisoned due to poverty, the color of their skin or because of their political attitude. Many people are only in prison since they were not able to pay a fine. Poverty gets punished: A lot of people are in prison as they were not able to pay for a ticket for public transportation but were forced to make use of it nevertheless. At the same time it can be noticed that Persons of Color and marginalized minorities are overrepresented in German prisons out of racist reasons: The police uses racial profiling, furthermore these people are prosecuted to a higher degree by courts and there are even racist laws discriminating against people because of their origin, their citizenship or the color of their skin. (Key word: Integration laws, asylum laws). People who are violating the noble self-perception of the German majority, e.g. homeless people, can be found in prisons quite often. The cops, who are bullying these people on a regular basis, make up reasons for their doing constantly. E.g. in Munich there are downright evictions of homeless people that are cynically called “emphasis controls at the main station”. Minor breaches of the law that are constructed during this happenings, like if one does meet the demands of a dismissal or if one is drinking alcohol even though the consumption of it is prohibited around the main station, often lead to imprisonment for failure to pay a fine.

Even when one believes that prisons are used to stop certain harmful behavior towards other people, one is bound to notice that prisons do not meet these requirements. Prisons are no places in which the attitude of offenders can be transformed; rather their only purpose is punishment. On these grounds we reject the idea of prisons! Prisons only act as a makeshift in order to bring people to heel and to exercise control over them.

By taking direct action we would like to express our solidarity with Max. Max is a political prisoner who has been in investigative custody for almost a year now, awaiting his trial. The cops accuse Max of spraying hundreds of graffiti in the entire municipal area of Munich; parts of it were antifascist, others contained critical messages towards the state.

As the cops did not succeed in their investigations for weeks, they were all the more proud in the end to present the public the capture of Max and another person who has been released from prison by now. The media, who took part in the “manhunt” to find the responsible persons for the graffiti, was very grateful for these arrests. Since then, the case has been closed for them.

They do not care about the fact that Max is in prison without any trial for almost a year now, suffering from the conditions of detention, only because of some graffiti.

We have not forgotten about Max and by taking direct action we want to remind the public of him.

Freedom for Max!

Freedom for all prisoners!

Fire to all prisons!

Source:, translation by us.

Information material on the subject of anarchism, repression and imprisonment

There will be some interesting information material on anarchism, repression and imprisonment at todays talk about the No S20! protests.

The following materials will be available:

The role of prisons within society

On occasion of the global week in solidarity with anarchist prisoners we wrote a text about the role of prisons within society. We have distributed this text as a flyer to draw attention to the worldwide prison system.

Imagine someone takes over control of your life overnight. Most decisions are made by somebody else. Like for example when to eat, when to meet other people – and whom –, if and which books you are allowed to read, and so on. Imagine you are forced to work for about 8 Euros per day and to save part of the money. Imagine there are people you heavily depend on who may beat your ass up whenever they want to – and you can count on it, they will want to – without any consequences for them. Imagine you are ill, but you are only allowed to see a doctor next week at best. This and things much worse are bitter reality for many people worldwide. Day by day, week by week, month by month and for many of them even year by year.

There is talk of prisoners. They exist everywhere all around the globe. In some states there are more, in some states there are less of them, but they are always people who didn’t act compliantly with rules of society, quite commonly they are members of marginalized groups. Round about 10 million people worldwide are prisoners (see World Prison Brief 2017) which are 1.3 permille (0.13 percent) of the world’s population. But many people finding themselves in situations similar to prisons, for example in some of the many refugee camps, are left out of the statistics.

The situation of prisoners is precarious in every prison! Many citizens’ rights of the according state don’t apply for prisoners. Even some fundamental human rights are systematically disregarded. A right for physical integrity doesn’t exist in prisons: The detention conditions cause illnesses, medical examinations are often possible only a few days later, and the many known cases of brutality against prisoners by the prison staff don’t happen by accident. They are an essential element of the repressive prison system. Even the exploitation of the prisoners’ working power could hardly be more inhuman: Legal relations don’t apply in prisons. The prisoners must work for ridiculously low daily wages (for example about 8 Euros per day) and in many states they won’t get paid for their work at all. Besides work necessary to keep the prison’s facilities running, many imprisoned have to work for private companies. Those companies willingly benefit from the labor conditions similar to slavery in prisons. Alongside the patronizing through the prison system itself, many prisoners experience sequestration from society. It’s not only the existing relationships that are worn down during a longer stay in prison assisted by the prison system itself, but also the negative effects a stay in prison has on future relationships and chances of social participation. In many economic sectors, people who have been in prison won’t get hired, many people condemn other people just because they have been in prison once, and some offers of the public purse aren’t available to former prisoners.

All those are not mischiefs, observed only in the prisons of dictatorships known for their inhuman activities. Those are the conditions occurring in German prisons as well as nearly everywhere in the world. Sure, there are qualitative differences between prison systems of different states, but the conditions described above are more or less consensus between all states. There are almost exclusively derivations downwards.

Prisons are obviously institutions of oppression in society as a whole. Even while most people have no idea of the conditions in prisons, they advocate them. Actually there is nothing unusual about people not having any idea about everyday life in prisons while advocating them. Nearly all concrete repressive and violent measures a society endorses for their own (alleged) protection against “the others” proceed behind the scenes. That means there is hardly any reporting and especially no objective reporting about it, it happens apart from the views of society and the victims are often intimidated so that they don’t dare to tell anyone about what they have experienced. There are also other means to prevent victims from talking about their experiences. For example people who have been deported can hardly tell the local press about how they were treated. Also prisoners have limited opportunities to tell other people about their treatment. Reports about mischiefs in prisons often get seized or “lost” on their way outside. Indeed most people don’t have any interest in prisoners and their situation. And when they nevertheless are confronted with the mischiefs of prisons, they often choose to justify those mischiefs talking about “nemesis”, “necessity” or other rubbish.

Prisons as a place of “nemesis” don’t contravene the widespread acknowledgment of rehabilitation. In many cases rehabilitation does mean nothing else than persuading a person by compulsion (for example by a stay in prison or by conditions of probation) to act compliant with the rules of the surrounding society. Beside the fact that this is an authoritarian way to normalize the members of society it is obvious that this endeavor must fail for many people: In Germany for instance, many People of Color are excluded from society because of racist ideologies. That is a problem of society as well as an institutional problem. Those people are observed with a greater intensity, they are controlled more frequently, and sometimes they get arrested without any reason. As a consequence People of Color are overrepresented in prisons, which inspires the racist prejudices in society. All in all, you can observe that there is a far bigger amount of imprisoned members of marginalized minorities than the amount of members from the majority society in prisons.

That also gives some indication of the actual role of prisons in our society. They are possibly the state’s hardest instrument of violent oppression against non-compliant behavior and a place for all those people abandoned by society at the same time. The purpose of a stay in prison is always to break the imprisoned person and adopt them to the collective identity of society. If that isn’t possible, for instance because the person was imprisoned because of racist reasons, the prison becomes the place of destruction for this person: The only object of the violent daily routine in prison is the degradation of the imprisoned person, adapting them to the idea the society got from them. For those people prisons are the place they were expelled to by a society that has (seemingly) no place for them.

All prisoners are political prisoners!

Let’s abolish all prisons!

No fences, no walls, no borders: disrupt order

On August, 25th there will be a mass rally against criminalization and prevention of sea rescue in Munich. It will start at 2 pm on Europaplatz. Due to this demonstration we call upon you to get active against the EU’s policy of closure, the shift to the right in Germany and other EU states, and the racism in German society. Whether attending the demonstration or getting active in another way the main thing is to resist the racist order in Germany and in the EU!

According to the International Organization for Migration 629 people died in the Mediterranean in June 2018. This number is higher than the total number of deaths from the beginning of the year until May. At the same time the activity of private sea rescue organizations is sabotaged by EU states with the collaboration of Germany. They deny ships of the rescue organizationsthe right to enter the European harbours, they detain ships upon trying to leave European harbours, and they prosecute the crew members.

EU’s policy of closure

There is a political agenda behind this practice: It is part of the EU’s policy of closure. As many people have no other possibility to escape their former life than by crossing the Mediterranean – especially because the EU and its member states are blocking safe escape routes – the EU states are trying to stop flights into Europe over the Mediterranean. The price paid is high at leaves at thousands of people drowned.

However, besides the prevention of sea rescue the EU’s policy of closure includes many other inhuman practices. The idea is not to let refugees pass the EU borders and to get rid of those who made it to the EU nevertheless as fast as possible.

Within as well as beyond the EU borders fleeing people are imprisoned in camps and usually have to endure degrading living conditions. The goal of these camps is to keep fleeing people behind EU borders, and – if they are already in the EU – to be able to deport them as quickly as possible.

Even here in Germany, very far inside the EU, numerous camps have been established with the idea in mind to isolate refugees from the rest of society. On the one hand, it is thus much easier for the authorities in charge to find people they want to deport, and on the other hand, brutal deportation practices that are in parts accompanied by a martial police force as well as numerous other attacks on refugees by police officers take place there, secluded from any publicity. By introducing so-called “AnkER”-centres (German abbreviation for “centre for arrival, decision, repatriation”) there is not the slightest attempt anymore to hide the purpose of these camps. Instead, it is even part of the name.

Between 20,000 and 25,000 people are deported from Germany every year. This means that they are kidnapped and taken away to another country (mostly the country they fled from) against their will. For this, the federal and the Länder governments spare neither cost nor effort. Thus, an aircraft is chartered once a month for this purpose only. Costs: 300,000 euros per plane, plus tens of thousands of euros for the staff. And even the own “rules” which the state established, namely to deport only in “safe” home countries1, are ignored consequently when people are deported in war regions, e.g. to Afghanistan.

Shift to the right in Germany

The EU’s policy of closure especially towards the African continent, the Arabic Peninsular and South Asia is not a single phenomenon. It is part of a societal shift to the right in all European societies and, as a consequence of this, an authoritarian rebuilding of the EU countries. During the last years, in Germany as well as in many other EU countries in which this development is even more advanced, a bunch of right-wing actors achieved greater societal and political influence and were able to mobilize lots of people sharing their beliefs. In Germany, this development led to establish the AfD [extreme right-wing party in Germany] as parliamentary actor since 2013, but also to a significant shift to the right of the policies of the whole array of political parties.

Led by the CDU/CSU [conservative, rightwing parties] and actively supported by the SPD [social democratic party], several racist laws like the “integration laws” were passed during the last years. Especially the Bavarian “integration law” demanding an assimilation to an imaginated norm of the people living in Bavaria by threat of punishment, stands out. This causes problems for many marginalized minorities, not only refugees, but also homosexuals, trans people, political opposition members, Muslims and many more: They are supposed to give up their identities for a Bavarian identity, otherwise they can be forced to go to “integration classes”.

Almost simultanously, an increase of inner arming began and still is going on. The best example is the new editing of the police laws of the Länder that is going on at the moment. They are granting secret service powers to the police, allowing the preventive imprisonment of so-called “potential offenders”, allowing to equip the police with war weapons like for example hand grenades, and in many cases are lowering the formerly high hurdle for taking similar actions.

These newly created powers are mostly used against refugees.  In Bavaria, altogether 11 people have been imprisoned for more than two weeks since the introduction of the extended preventive imprisonment. All of them were refugees. Of course, this is no coincidence. In the last years, the Bavarian Minister of the Interior, Joachim Herrmann, has never tired of fabulating of a somewhat supposed danger emanating from refugees. Besides, according to Herrmann, “islamist terror” is the greatest danger for the country as “islamist potential offenders” might cross the German borders disguised as refugees . The amount of “islamist” acts of violence clearly contradicts this statement. In this country, in which a neo-Nazi network which called themselves “National Socialist Underground” could commit at least ten murders and was and is financed by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution as well as provided with weapons and covered up by them, while the investigating authorities and the media mocked the victims, in this country, well, people are afraid of islamist terror: Consequently, Herrmann and the CSU spread the same racist slander as the AfD. However, they have currently the political power to manifest their racism in laws.

In Germany, this policy causes the willful exclusion of refugees and migrants, of Muslims and People of Colour in Germany because of racism. Behind the EU borders this policy can be noted as policy of closure. The consequences of this policy are thousands of people dying on the flight as the racist governments of the EU are preventing them from crossing the borders by any mean, hundreds of thousands of fleeing people having to endure degrading living conditions in camps within as well as beyond the EU, as well as tens of thousands dead in conflict areas – those from which so many people flee – because they do not have any perspective to dare the flight in the EU. The racism of the German majority society is deadly!

Get active!

This is why we call upon you to get active against the racist order of the German society and the EU. Support fleeing people and refugees in their struggles for their rights to stay and against the racism of the German majority society, support the numerous organizations which support these struggles financially and personnel, support the sea rescue organizations which fight in the Mediterranean Sea against all odds for the right to live.

But all this is not enough, because even if we support the people in question, the racist order that creates these conditions persists. We believe that we can only change things when standing up against the ruling order. This is why we call upon you to actively disturb the German and European policy of closure and to actively resist the racist order. In the long run, demands on the state and the government will always be effectless when we do not empower ourselves to push them through ourselves. For this, it can be necessary to act in an illegal way and to question the authority of the state. That can be frightening, but when you resist the authority of the state successfully, even on a small scale, you will see that it can be an empowering, even liberating experience. So organize yourself, resist the racist order together in order to finally end these unbearable conditions!

August 24th: mobilization talk for No S20!

On September, 20th the heads of the EU states come together for an informal meeting as part of the Austrian EU Council Presidency in Salzburg. Key issues of the meeting which takes place under the slogan “an Europe to shelter” are the so called “inner security”, the “defense of the EU borders” and the so called “cyber security”. This terminological white-washing can’t hide the fact, that this will be a summit of authority: A bunch of assholes will decide about repressive measures in a pseudo democratic spectacle. They hope to improve their position in the struggle for economic and military power at our expense. “Inner security” means armament of those who imprison and spy on us. “Defense of the EU borders” stands for armed  aggression against refugees and migrants. “Cyber security” means digital control over us and our actions.

Initially the talk exposes the politics the planned protest will be directed against. Apart from that, we will report on previous protests against summits in Salzburg, describe the agenda of the summit planned by the state, and talk about the planned protest actions against it.

More information:

The talk starts at 8 pm, there will be public kitchen at 6 pm. The event takes place at Ligsalzstraße 8, Munich.

The language of the talk will be German.

Let’s face the agitation of anti-feminists

On August 25th, once more a small group of fundamentalist anti-abortionists want to walk singing and praying through Munich. Starting at the Paulskirche, they want to walk to the information center of pro familia in Türkenstraße. There they tyrannize employees of the  information center, residents, and pedestrians by showing their piousness as well as showing propagandistic images trying to delegitimize abortions.

Therefore we call you up to escort the anti-abortionists demonstration and disturb the agitation of the anti-feminists. Join us on September, 25th at 10 am at the Paulskirche (St.-Pauls-Platz 11) and demonstrate against the fundamentalists with us!

You can find more information about the fundamentalist anti-abortionists on our information flyer (currently only available in German) about them:

The trial against the five Anti-fascists will have to be restarted

After round about five minutes the trial against five Anti-fascists is finished for now. It will have to be restarted in future. The reason: It wasn’t possible to arrange a new day of trial within the next three weeks that makes it possible for one cop who was summoned as a witness and all of the five assigned counsels to be there. The previously announced day of trial on the 3rd of August is canceled, too.

Two more days of trial against 5 Anti-fascists

The trial against 5 Anti-fascists who blocked a march of PEGIDA which started on July, 11th hasn’t finished yet. After 3 ours in court the trial was deferred. It will be continued on July, 20th at 9 o’clock and August, 3rd at 8 o’clock.

Let’s show our solidarity with the 5 Anti-fascists and support them at court.