Repression against protest against fundamentalist anti-abortionists once more

Every month – always on 25th – fundamentalist anti-abortionists led by Wolfgang Hering march through Munich. They pray and sing, but above all they promenade their reactionary conception of the world. They believe they can tell unvoluntarily pregnant people and pregnant people who consider a pregancy termination due to other reasons how to handle their situation. The solution praised by these fundamentalists is always the same: Pregnant people – for the anti-abortionists these ones are always women of course – have to keep their child. Thereafter the whole matter is settled for them.

Since the fundamentalist anti-abortionists consider themselves to be on a mission from God, they think that they are legitimised to accost supposedly pregnant people in front of reliable advice centres and to terrorise them. They call this “pavement counselling”. Likewise, their monthly protest usually leads the anti-abortionists among their wordly and spiritual leader Wolfgang Hering to such advice centres. They kneel down there and say the rosary. Wolfgang Hering chooses a prayer leader or leads the prayer  himself, the others follow with their prayer – not the official version of the Our Father, no, it is not awful enough, instead they pray a version that has been changed on various passages and thus sounds more god-fearing, such as “and deliver us from Hell’s purgatory”.

Actually, everybody is unnerved by the fundamentalists: residents, people working at the advice centre pro familia, passerbys and sometimes even the police …

Some activists have been opposing those so-called “vigils” for several months now. Even if they are rarely more than a handful who obstruct the fundamentalists, they are annoying as well. But fortunately only the fundamentalists and the police. The protest against the fundamentalists is mostly acclaimed by residents and passerbys, partly even actively supported.

Penalty notices against Pro Choice Activists

However, the police try to demoralize the protest againt the fundamentalist anti-abortionists with measures of repression. Again and again, they find a pretext with which they can charge activists opposing the fundamentalists with penalty notices. Repeatedly activists had been taken into custody for a short time, because the police apparently didn’t know how to handle the protest, in spite of a exaggerated number of officers on site. Repeatedly, completely new methods of repression have been tested.

E. g. one activist who had been taken into custody during a protest against the fundamentalists in front of the medicare Health centre in Freiham received a bill for 108 € to pay the “direct enforcement” the police officers used against her. “Direct enforcement” is nothing else than legally authorised police violence. For being hurt by police officers, the activist had to pay their working time wasted with such measures and possibly even “danger money”. The same activist, and at least one more person have been accused of disturbing the assembly. Therefore, the “Kreisverwaltungsreferat” [the municipal administration authority in Munich] has imposed a fine on them of 150 to 200 € plus procedural costs.

A breakfast on the pavement becomes a violation of the “street and path law” [a law existing only in Bavaria]

But this is not the first case in which the police finds random accusations against acitivists to intimidate them. At the moment, there are proceedings against five activists who are accused of violating the Bavarian “street and path law”. Concretely, they are said to have “camped” respectively had break-fast on the pavement. Numerous police officers among police inspector Nützel used this as an opportunity to accuse all present people of a corresponding offence [Ordnungswidrigkeit]. The police officers even took photos to prove that the food on the pavement made the pavement impossible to be used in its common way [Gemeingebrauch] any more. Nevertheless in the photos you can only see that many police officers obstruct the way on the pavement. Four activits received a penalty notive by the “Kreisverwaltungsreferat”of 100 € plus procedural costs.

These far-fetched accusations of the police show that they try to delegitimise the protest against anti-abortionists and to intimidate the affected activists. Presumably the responsible officers hope to discourage the activists so that they will once stop demonstrating against these fundamentalists.

For uns indeed, this is not an option. We will struggle against these attempts of repression by the police and we will continue to oppose the fundamentalist anti-abortionists. If you want to support us, obstruct the anti-abortionists with us. You find events on the webpage of Antisexistische Aktion München [Antisexist Action Munich] and on our website. Or you get to know us at one of our regular meetings.