August 24th: mobilization talk for No S20!

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On September, 20th the heads of the EU states come together for an informal meeting as part of the Austrian EU Council Presidency in Salzburg. Key issues of the meeting which takes place under the slogan “an Europe to shelter” are the so called “inner security”, the “defense of the EU borders” and the so called “cyber security”. This terminological white-washing can’t hide the fact, that this will be a summit of authority: A bunch of assholes will decide about repressive measures in a pseudo democratic spectacle. They hope to improve their position in the struggle for economic and military power at our expense. “Inner security” means armament of those who imprison and spy on us. “Defense of the EU borders” stands for armed  aggression against refugees and migrants. “Cyber security” means digital control over us and our actions.

Initially the talk exposes the politics the planned protest will be directed against. Apart from that, we will report on previous protests against summits in Salzburg, describe the agenda of the summit planned by the state, and talk about the planned protest actions against it.

More information:

The talk starts at 8 pm, there will be public kitchen at 6 pm. The event takes place at Ligsalzstraße 8, Munich.

The language of the talk will be German.

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