Free Max! Free all Prisoners!

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We are documenting the text, some anarchists published on the German speaking Indymedia after they have dropped a banner against prisons:

In the context of the global week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners we have dropped a banner today close to the “women’s” prison and the prison Stadelheim in Munich, reading “Freedom for all prisoners. Abolish prisons. Free Max”.

Prisons are used by the state to both punish dissentient behavior – otherwise called crime- and at the same time to make an scaring example. In contrast to the common belief that the public needs to be sheltered from the prison inmates, in reality the majority of these is inprisoned due to poverty, the color of their skin or because of their political attitude. Many people are only in prison since they were not able to pay a fine. Poverty gets punished: A lot of people are in prison as they were not able to pay for a ticket for public transportation but were forced to make use of it nevertheless. At the same time it can be noticed that Persons of Color and marginalized minorities are overrepresented in German prisons out of racist reasons: The police uses racial profiling, furthermore these people are prosecuted to a higher degree by courts and there are even racist laws discriminating against people because of their origin, their citizenship or the color of their skin. (Key word: Integration laws, asylum laws). People who are violating the noble self-perception of the German majority, e.g. homeless people, can be found in prisons quite often. The cops, who are bullying these people on a regular basis, make up reasons for their doing constantly. E.g. in Munich there are downright evictions of homeless people that are cynically called “emphasis controls at the main station”. Minor breaches of the law that are constructed during this happenings, like if one does meet the demands of a dismissal or if one is drinking alcohol even though the consumption of it is prohibited around the main station, often lead to imprisonment for failure to pay a fine.

Even when one believes that prisons are used to stop certain harmful behavior towards other people, one is bound to notice that prisons do not meet these requirements. Prisons are no places in which the attitude of offenders can be transformed; rather their only purpose is punishment. On these grounds we reject the idea of prisons! Prisons only act as a makeshift in order to bring people to heel and to exercise control over them.

By taking direct action we would like to express our solidarity with Max. Max is a political prisoner who has been in investigative custody for almost a year now, awaiting his trial. The cops accuse Max of spraying hundreds of graffiti in the entire municipal area of Munich; parts of it were antifascist, others contained critical messages towards the state.

As the cops did not succeed in their investigations for weeks, they were all the more proud in the end to present the public the capture of Max and another person who has been released from prison by now. The media, who took part in the “manhunt” to find the responsible persons for the graffiti, was very grateful for these arrests. Since then, the case has been closed for them.

They do not care about the fact that Max is in prison without any trial for almost a year now, suffering from the conditions of detention, only because of some graffiti.

We have not forgotten about Max and by taking direct action we want to remind the public of him.

Freedom for Max!

Freedom for all prisoners!

Fire to all prisons!

Source:, translation by us.