Against the antifeminist, homophobic and transphobic agitation of the “Demo für alle”

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Under the slogan “Stop molesting sex education – sex education is the right of the parents” the so called “Demo für Alle” (Demonstration for all people) together with the so called “Citizen Go” is once again touring Germany by means of the so called “bus of freedom of speech”. On September 15 the antifeminist, homophobic and transphobic agitators would like to stop at the Karl-Stützel-Platz in Munich.

We are calling for action against the spreading of this heternormative, antifeminist, homophobic and transphobic propaganda! Therefore, come to Karl-Stützle Platz at 1 pm and perturb this event!

“Demo für Alle”: A melting pot of right-wing antifeminists

The “Demo für Alle” was established in the beginning of 2014 in the course of protests against the Baden-Wuerttemberg “Bildungsplan 2015” (“curriculum 2015) in Stuttgart. Back then, many fundamentalist Christians as well as people from the far-right mobilized against a school curriculum which, for the first time ever, was about to convey various types of families and gender identities. It was the aim of the curriculum to break with the formerly conveyed heteronormative, transphobic and conservative depiction of families and gender identities as well as to consider different ways of living in order to gain acceptance for these.

For the agitators of what is today known as the “Demo für Alle” this was a scandal. For them, by the sheer naming of other ways of familiy life, the “classical marriage”1 was “devalued” and their Christian values became “violated” by it. Furthermore, they criticized a supposed “early sexualization” and an “unsettledness”2 of children. Already back then these protests, soon known under the name of “Demo für Alle”, were supported by the AfD-politician Beatrix von Storch and the “Christians in the AfD”. Known queer-bashing publicists like Birgit Kelle or Gabriele Kuby were supporters of the “Demo für Alle”, too. The New Right “identitarian movement” and members of other far-right organisations, like the NPD (National Democratic Party of Germany) took part in the demonstrations as well.

Then as now the “Demo für Alle” unites numerous far-right actors and therefore serves as a melting pot for right, antifeminist organizations. In Baden-Wuerttemberg they were indeed successful in influencing the “Bildungsplan 2015”. After a meeting of members of the “Demo für Alle” and prime minister Kretschmann the passing of the “Bildungplan 2015” was not only postponed but changed in accordance with the wishes of the “Demo für alle”.

How much influence the “Demo für alle” actually exerts could be noticed 2016 in Bavaria. Even though no demonstrations against the planed sex-education guidelines were taking place – though these were announced numerous times- Bavarian secretary of eduation and cultural affairs Ludwig Spanle (CSU) received a delegation of the “Demo für Alle” (among them Birgit Kelle and Hedwig von Beverforde) and thereupon changed the “Richtlinien zur Familien- und Sexualerziehung an Schulen” (guidelines for family- and sex education in schools”) again in accordance with the wishes of the “Demo für alle”, even though these guidelines had been approved cross-partily before.

The conservative depiction of families by the “Demo Für Alle”

The actors of the “Demo für Alle” still promote a conservative depiction of families and stir up hatred on everyone whose reality of life and/or gender identity deviates from that, especially on homosexuals, transpersons and the queer-community in general.

In 2017 the “Demo für Alle” has already toured Germany by bus. Back then their slogan was “marriage has to stay marriage”. Their aim: The prevention of the passing of a law called “Gesetz zur Einführung des Rechts auf Eheschließung für Personen gleichen Geschlechts” (“law for the introduction of the right to marry persons of the same sex”) which enabled same-sex and homosexual couples to marry, which was previously only legal for hetereosexual couples. By the means of a leaflet of the “Demo für Alle”, which was wide spread back then, their actors not only demand that “marriage should stay a life-long alliance between man and woman in order to love each other, to start a family and to raise children”, but they furthermore fabulate about a “right of the child to be raised by mother and father” and demand that this “right” should be observed “even in the case of adoption”.

For the “Demo für Alle” the conservative “father-mother-child” family constellation is seen as the natural type of family. Questioning this “natural type of a family” or the notion of “natural sexes” (whatever this might be, the “Demo für Alle” does not answer this) they call “indoctrination”. But that is not all: According to their self-concept the “Demo für Alle” opposes the “pervasive attempts of re-education by well-organizied lobby groups and ideologists”. This far-right narrative sounds very much like some conspiracy ideology.

Antifeminist, homophobic and transphobic positions as part of the far-right mobilization

For sure it is not a coincidence that the “Demo für Alle” appeals to and is made up of far-right actors. In the far-right ideology “marriage” as defined by the “Demo für Alle” has always played a big part. During National Socialism “marriage” was glorified as the “germ cell of the German nation”. In a leaflet named “Dump the opening of marriage – Bavaria ahead”, published after the passing of the bill “Gesetz zur Einführung des Rechts auf Eheschließung für Personen gleichen Geschlechts” (“law for the introduction of the right to marry persons of the same sex”), a very similar idea of marriage is sketched: “Marriage concerns the pillars of our society and our culture”.

The homophobic positions of the “Demo für Alle” bear close and scaring resemblance to the National Socialist ideology leading to the prosecution and killing of ten of thousands of men: During National Socialism the reasons stated for the tightening of § 175, which sanctions homosexuality, were to “keep the nation healthy in moral terms”. Today, the “Demo für Alle” objects the conveyance of homosexual ways of lives in schools among others on the grounds that this information would violate the sense of shame and would be perceived as molesting by children. The conspiracist inventions of the “Demo für Alle” about “re-education by looby groups” are similar to the views of National Socialists who believed that homosexuality had “an inclination to an epidemic spreading”. Not least, the argument that homosexuality must actually be viewed as a medical condition which is held in wide sections of the “Demo for Alle” agitators, is reminiscent of the attempts of National Socialists to “re-educate” homosexuals.

However, the worldview of the “Demo für Alle” not only bears close resemblance to historic National Socialism. Rather, it matches the worldviews of far-right parties like the ones of the CSU or AfD. Thus, in their policy statements both the CSU as well as the AfD reject a so called “gender ideology / gender mainstreaming” and a supposed “early sexualisation” of children. These are the same far-right terms used by the “Demo für Alle” as well. This is hardly surprising as today antifeminist, transphobic and homophobic positions along with racism play a prominent role in the mobilization of the masses. For centuries now attacks from Nazis and other far-right people on both homosexuals and supposed homosexuals as well as on transpersons have been part of a sad daily routine in Germany. On an ideological level there always has been an agitation against homosexuals and transpersons. However, by the founding of the “Demo für Alle” these agitations saw a boost: Up to today this union of people from both the far-right and ultraconservative religious fundamentalists has been able to pick up and to channel conservative beliefs about gender roles as well as prejudices against homosexuals and transpersons which are deeply rooted in our society.

Hostility against certain groups of people is no argument!

In a leaflet used to advertise their bus tour, the “Demo für Alle” complains that they “have to take into account massive hecklings by left-wing extremists” and that therefore their right of free speech is cut back by this.

We do not want to temper these expectations of the Demo für Alle because we believe that there is no freedom of speech for people spreading hostility against certain other groups of people as the “Demo für Alle” does. Therefore, we call on everybody to disturb the spreading of this agitation and to be present against the actors of the “Demo für Alle” on September 15, from 1 pm on, on Karl-Stützle-Platz in Munich.

  1. Meant is the marriage between men and women which is provided for by statute and which is wide spread in Germany and Central Europe (Italics are used to clarify that this notion of sexes is a mere social construct only). It answers the purpose of the Christian Church to conceive and raise children, associated with conservative role models of the married couple.
  2. E.g. it was claimed that the mentioning/visualization of homosexual ways of life would lead to children becoming gay. Thus, the children would be talked into being homosexual. Of course that is nonsense and reveals the underlying homophobic believes of these actors to a great deal.